Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the Airport

Hey Bloggerettes,

I notice Tim usually blogs from the airport because there is always time to kill - like 3 freakin' hours!!! Of course it's a beautiful day in LA as we prepare to leave.

We hooked up with some of my Ranger U graduates last night for dinner at the "Rainforest Cafe" in Downtown Disney. What a hoot. The first picture is of the dessert called "VOLCANO". The waiter brings it out yelling "Vollllllcaaaaaanoooooo"! Robin ordered it for me. I was not aware the eruption was for me. The "table-talk" was not exactly appropriate for the family restuarant - OOPS!! They didn't kick us out but they were sweeping up around us and hinting we should leave!

I'll try to get some more pictures on when we get home.


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