Monday, December 29, 2008

What's up for January?

We are figuring out our calendar for January. "Basic Grey" seems to be the big winner. We have 2 double layout classes and a "pint" sized album to do. We have another 12x12 canvas class being prepared by Heather Lancaster. An Artist Trading Card class and swap being hosted by Margo. Tim Holtz "12 Tags of Christmas" class (spread over 3 weeks).

The "Craft & Hobby Association" (CHA) is being held in the latter part of January so off we go. We made some crazy friends from Hershey, Pennsyvannia at the last event and we hope to hang out with them again. They actually gave Robin and I a "run for our money" in the antics department. No more fishbowl marguerita's for them!!!

Don't forget that our Anniversary Event is January 17 at the Canyon Meadows Community Hall. We are collecting payments to secure your spot. The waiting list grows longer every day.

By the way, no husband/boyfriends called me on Christmas Eve day to get emergency Gift Cards.

Our condolences Deb on your mothers passing.

Congratulations Kathy on becoming a grandma.

Thanks Lisa and Rayanne for the Christmas foliage and beautiful vase.

Thanks "Chicks" for always keeping us on the right track in our store. WWDD!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brrrrrr, it's cold outside.

We've been very busy at the store during this last Christmas rush. We are closed tomorrow and Christmas Day but open for a Boxing Day Sale. I put a sign in the window tonight for the last minute husbands who won't know that we are closed tomorrow. It says "In case of scrapbooking EMERGENCIES or Gift Card EMERGENCIES to call my home number and I will zip over to the store." Thank goodness I only live down the street from the store. It will be a curious day tomorrow - don't ya think!!! Who's husband will call?????? Does anybody want to know????

Milo has made improvements with accepting the floor in the store. He walked on it all by himself the other night. There was hardly any fur flying in fright. I hope he will come back in the New Year and resume his "Store Greeter" duties.

We received some "Elle Studios" product in this week.

We have commissioned several types of artists to help us do our "Canvas of the Month". We even have a man doing the February one. He wanted to know what kind of payment he would receive so I told him he could spend the night with a room full of adoring women. That's all the payment he should need - right gals!!! Don't let me down.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tag 12 - the last one

This is a very nice tag. Great job! Thanks Tim for sharing such wonderful techniques and showing how to use them without even going to Ranger University.

We received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the "Chicks With Blades" today. It even had a little chick strapped to the vase. Thanks very much gals - we love ya! Thanks JP for giving us the fab "bling" containers. I wonder why you thought of us when you saw them????? "You're too cute!"

We had a great day at the store today. 'Tis the season to be jolly. :-)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tag 11

OMG there is only one more tag to go! I seem to be on a "blue" kick this Christmas so I am partial to the tags that Tim has done in blue. Even IKEA had beautiful blue ornaments as part of their Christmas scheme this year. My theme for my Christmas tree this year is "Once in a blue moon". Everything on the tree will be blue. I am struggling with the "blue moon" that should go at the top of the tree - what will it be made of??????? Maybe I should put up the tree eh!
Sets of Copic Ciao markers have arrived. We have the 12 packs and the 36 packs in A, B, C, and D colors. FYI: I have ordered more clear Spica's.
Well it's past my bedtime again...........................'nite

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tag 10

I just had to stay up until Tag 10 was posted. Perfect pearls are used on this tag. Another lesson for all of us. We'll all be "Timbolina's" by the time the 12 days are up. How fun!!!!

And to all a good night................................................


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tag 9

Master Tim gives good instruction on using his distress embossing powders on this tag. I guess we'll have to get all of the paint dabbers now!!! They have some different qualities as well.

We received several of the Basic Grey Calendar Kits. Robin is putting one together so it should be displayed soon. It's a nice gift and easy to do because they include all of the product. We were not soooo lucky with the card kits. When I placed my order on Nov 19 they had 40 in stock for me. Much to my chagrin - we only received enough to fill the customer pre-orders. Sorry.

Nightie, night

It's nice to get KUDOOS!

Below is an email we received today. How nice is that!!! Thanks Adrienne -

I just wish to thank you both for the information you so graciously provided to me when I was in your store on the weekend. I am looking forward to the opening of my store in Regina and after being in your store am even more excited and just wanted to pass on the thank you.
Adrienne @ Scrappin' Your Way, Regina

Monday, December 8, 2008

December Canvas Class

Here is the 12x12 canvas we will be making tonight in my class. I fashioned it after a canvas that I saw at CHA in the "Ranger" booth that Tim Holtz had created. He did many smaller ones too.
I have special guest in my class tonight - Ms. Roberta Beamer. I'll have to be on my best behavior!!!

Tag 8

It's very late Sunday night - enjoy the "crackle" effect.

Tag 6 comment

Hey, if you have been following my blog you would realize that all of the tags are Tim Holtz's and I gave him FULL credit on December 2 when I started to talk about them because I want to do a class and make ALL of them. I have kept the format the same as each daily tag appears. No need to reply.

In resposn

In resposn

Tag 7

Tag 7 has some interesting snow. It requires protective hand gear and measuring spoons to make. It's kinda like cooking I think - I may have to draw the line!!!

Welcome to the real snow!! It looks so clean and fresh outside. I feel like I should do some shopping and card making now. Finally!!!

It was nice to see Lori, Sierra and Kennedy today. I have missed them. As soon as Sierra got in the store she informed me that the carpets were dirty and wanted to vacuum. No problem! Thanks Sierra. Hang in there Lori :)

My December canvas class is tomorrow. I still need a few more things to complete it. By the time I'm done you'll need a concrete wall to hang it on - ha, ha, ha.

Cheer - e - o


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tag 6

This tag has a Prima Clear Paintables on it. Who would have thought to change the color of glitter letter tickers with alcohol inks. A valuable tip!
We had quite a few customers drop in to the store today just to escape the "crazy world out there". On lady referred to our store as "my happy place". Thanks Donna. We have had quite a few travellers from LA (Lethbridge, Alberta) stop by this week. A lady from Regina was in today getting ideas. She is opening a new scrapbook store on Feb 1 in Regina. We recommended several vendors that have done well for us. She loved our Basic Grey wall.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tag 5

The techniques used in this tag are very user-friendly. Lots of textures. I'm so excited to get ALL of the products Tim uses to create these wonderful tags. I fill a "cart" every night - and you know I can!

I'm almost done creating our first edition of "Canvas of the Month". There are so many products to choose from at Christmas!! Heather Lancaster is working on the January edition to the 12 canvas set.

Sidebar: My oldest son is playing his first gig at Vern's Tavern tonight. His new band is called "Pretending To Be Trees". He is the bassist. Go Mitchie!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Basic Grey Fabric

We have received fabric from the "Urban Couture" line in the store. It's great to make flowers, tear as co-ordinating ribbon, cut on the Cricut etc.

Basic Grey also announced today that they are offering the "Sultry" line as well in fabric. I'll get right on it!!!

Tag 4

Who would think that the ol' Dymo labeller would creep onto someone's Christmas list this year??? Be sure to put
To: Me
From: Tim

on it when you put it under the tree for yourself.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3D Advent Calendar

Thursday is the second edition 3D Advent Calendar Class. Lots of fun but a TON of prep work goes into this class. The first class taught me many lessons about a VERY FULL CLASS. The project looks fabulous in real life. Stop into the store to see it. We have ordered many more boxes but the manufacturer has told us that they won't be reproducing them until January. They are completely sold out.

Tag 3

The lastest Tim Holtz tag.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas - 2008

It's Day 2 for Tim's Tags. I looked at all the of the Tim Holtz products we carry in the store and found that it wouldn't take much to start creating his tags. http:///

Are you interested? I ordered 24 of the Loew Cornell Speckling Brushes just minutes ago. It does an amazing job on Tag 2. Call the store and ask for me if you want to do this as a group.




Monday, December 1, 2008

Yikes, it's December!!

Who could tell that it's winter in Calgary - when will we pay for this fabulous weather????

I want to share some photo's and comments from the 7 Gypsies Event. Read the second last paragraph on the Nov 24 blog. I always try to leave an impression - I guess I did - or was it Maureen????

More Teresa Collins product has arrived. We also re-stocked her existing lines. We love her stuff.

We met a new customer on Saturday. She was directed to our store by Terry who was chatting with her in the scrapbook aisle of Zellers. Thanks Terry!

We will be receiving 40 Basic Grey Wassail Card Kits. They are extremely hard to find. Basic Grey has already discontinued the Wassail card kits and the calendar kits. If you want one, call us. They are due to arrive Dec 8.