Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brrrrrr, it's cold outside.

We've been very busy at the store during this last Christmas rush. We are closed tomorrow and Christmas Day but open for a Boxing Day Sale. I put a sign in the window tonight for the last minute husbands who won't know that we are closed tomorrow. It says "In case of scrapbooking EMERGENCIES or Gift Card EMERGENCIES to call my home number and I will zip over to the store." Thank goodness I only live down the street from the store. It will be a curious day tomorrow - don't ya think!!! Who's husband will call?????? Does anybody want to know????

Milo has made improvements with accepting the floor in the store. He walked on it all by himself the other night. There was hardly any fur flying in fright. I hope he will come back in the New Year and resume his "Store Greeter" duties.

We received some "Elle Studios" product in this week. www.shopellesstudio.com

We have commissioned several types of artists to help us do our "Canvas of the Month". We even have a man doing the February one. He wanted to know what kind of payment he would receive so I told him he could spend the night with a room full of adoring women. That's all the payment he should need - right gals!!! Don't let me down.

Merry Christmas

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