Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mid-day Report

Hey Bloggerettes,

I want to touch base with you and fill you in on what's en route/pre-ordered.

Basic Grey Annual Calendar (en route)
7 Gypsies Letterblock Trays (en route)

Pink Paislee (pre-ordered)
Tim Holtz stamps (pre-ordered)
Tim Holtz Sizzix and Ideaology (pre-ordered)
Christmas and Halloween (pre-ordered)

If you would like anything put on hold for you when it arrives, please call the store.

We had a strange day in the store on Tuesday. It was "Manday". More men were in the store than women at one point. One guy wanted to know if we had coin rollers, another guy was looking for spare parts, another guy was picking up his wifes' order (she called from England and did a "store walk-about shop" with Susan) - always a fun day at the "Yard".

In My Humble Opinion:

Okay, I got something terrible in the mail today - the Victoria Secret catalogue. I got the one for tall, skinny, young women with 30" inseam - crap, I'm a 28" inseam!!!!

Another terrible thing - I accidently cleaned Milo's (my dog, not my child) ears with Shiseido Eye-Make-Up Remover instead of his Opti-ear cleanser. Damn those clear bottles! Am I a bad mother or what?????

Hugs to Diane.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crazy day!

Hey Bloggerettes,

I should be fast asleep after the crazy day I had at the store today. I was the lone employee as well as the designer, prepper and teacher for 300 cards made by 10 women today. Thanks to my pal Maureen who got me through it all today. Thanks to Amy and Diane who helped me immensely Friday night. (I was home by 10:30 p.m. instead of 2:00 a.m. as I thought I would be.) Every year I say that I'll NEVER do it again and somehow the following July or August I have forgotten how painful it is and do it again - kinda like childbirth!

Diane, I hope you are doing okay!

I met all of Valery's family on Friday night. Love "the boy" - he's a character. He should work at the store I think. We could be a tag-team.

Gotta go to bed now - very tired! Looking forward to my day off tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a Good Day!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Thought I'd better check in with the peeps. No new product in yet so I thought I would just amuse you with some of my "Humble Opinions":

Our lovely UPS guy dumped off some boxes last week and then proceeded to bang on the back door. The rain was pouring down when I opened the door. I bent over and wrestled with the heavy box of paper and tried to get it inside. Low and behold, I slipped with my wet shoes on the concrete floor and crashed to the floor. OMG, there were witnesses - I jumped up and pretend nothing happened. Sadly I had hurt myself when I crashed into the bookshelf but saved the box from harm - DUH!!! All women can identify with this injury - stabbing your fingernail back into your cuticle! I hurt my shoulder, cut my arm, wrenched my neck, jammed my finger, twisted my ankle and bruised my hip BUT NO TEARS WERE SHED.

Prior to the "big fall" I was bothered by tingling in my left hand all the way up my arm. My self-diagnosis thought stroke, MS, diabetes and heart attack. I did the right thing and sought a professional opinion. Turns out I have carpal tunnel in my left wrist - funny thing is, I'm right-handed. Guess what caused it? Too many bracelets!!!!! How can that be??? They are part of my persona!!!! Now I have a lovely big, strappy wrist brace that doesn't look good with bracelets. I am ashamed, so I only wear it at night. I'm down to 2 bracelets and a watch now during the daytime. You won't recognize me.


Friday, August 13, 2010

New Product - YEAH!

Hey Bloggerettes,

The newest "7 Gypsies" product is here.

Paddington paper collection (stamps, chip letters, tags, mini paper pads)
Conservatory paper collection (chip letters, tags, mini paper pads)
Rubbings (Nomenclature, Curiosities, Victoriana, Natural History, Time)
Binding Rings
Hardware(Time Flies, Gears/Gems, Gypsy, Nature, Aviation, Industrial/Gears, Fortune)
ATC Reciept Holder


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seize the day.........

Hey Bloggerettes,

We had quite a few out-of-towners visit the store this past week. It's funny, when you talk to people, you find out what a small world it really is. One lady was from Longlac, Ontario. It's a small northern Ontario town just a few miles down the road from where my parents lived at one time. I love that kind of thing.

We had a few small shipments come in.

  • Cornish Heritage Farms stamps (they are closing their business so there won't be any more available - I thought it prudent to get some of the Thomas Kincaid scenery stamps for making Christmas cards with the Glitter Ritz)

  • Cricut matts

  • corrugated paper (2 colors)

  • Cuttlebug embossing folders (Retro Kitchen and Animal Prints)

  • Graphic 45 "Hallowe'en in Wonderland" (much sought after) paper called "Wonderland Classifieds"

  • Basic Grey 6x6 paper pads from the collection called "Basics" in manilla and kraft colors

A wee, tiny baby visited the store on Friday evening. Lynn's newest granddaughter, Ella, started scrapbooking at 8 days old. She is very sweet and cuddly. Lynn and Sharla were both beaming with pride. Lynn would like to continue with the 6x12 "Shabby Chic" classes the first full week of September. She won't do classes the week of Sept 20 and 27. The plan is to do 2 layouts/night on the following 2 weeks to catch up.

7 Gypsies had an invitational webinar for retailers not attending CHA this summer. It was very cool to be a part of this webinar. Some of the order that I placed that night is being shipped already. "Paddington" is one of the new paper collections-click on the photo to have a better look at it.

Linda Cain, a friend that I made at Ranger U, has just been named to Tim Holtz's design team. She made a comment on my last post after I sent her a congratulations on her blog. Check out her website through Tim's blog. Very talented lady!

Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. McCall for the door repairs on Saturday morning.

In My Humble Opinion:
I talked to my Mommie today. She is doing much better and sounded good. Oh ya, if anybody needs an old air conditioner I had a few calls at the store wondering if we paid cash for them - the scrap yard - people think we collect old metal scrap!!!! We get at least one call a day.