Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a Good Day!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Thought I'd better check in with the peeps. No new product in yet so I thought I would just amuse you with some of my "Humble Opinions":

Our lovely UPS guy dumped off some boxes last week and then proceeded to bang on the back door. The rain was pouring down when I opened the door. I bent over and wrestled with the heavy box of paper and tried to get it inside. Low and behold, I slipped with my wet shoes on the concrete floor and crashed to the floor. OMG, there were witnesses - I jumped up and pretend nothing happened. Sadly I had hurt myself when I crashed into the bookshelf but saved the box from harm - DUH!!! All women can identify with this injury - stabbing your fingernail back into your cuticle! I hurt my shoulder, cut my arm, wrenched my neck, jammed my finger, twisted my ankle and bruised my hip BUT NO TEARS WERE SHED.

Prior to the "big fall" I was bothered by tingling in my left hand all the way up my arm. My self-diagnosis thought stroke, MS, diabetes and heart attack. I did the right thing and sought a professional opinion. Turns out I have carpal tunnel in my left wrist - funny thing is, I'm right-handed. Guess what caused it? Too many bracelets!!!!! How can that be??? They are part of my persona!!!! Now I have a lovely big, strappy wrist brace that doesn't look good with bracelets. I am ashamed, so I only wear it at night. I'm down to 2 bracelets and a watch now during the daytime. You won't recognize me.



JanuskieZ said...

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Valery said...

I told you that I can "bling up" that strappy new wrist brace for you!

Sandy said...

I was in your store for the first time a week ago and LOVED it! I'm from Northen Vancouver Island and was visiting Calgary and area. Your store is unique, fun and so welcoming. I felt at home and had a wonderful time looking around and also buying;) I have to say that yours is my most favorite store! I will be back.