Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mid-day Report

Hey Bloggerettes,

I want to touch base with you and fill you in on what's en route/pre-ordered.

Basic Grey Annual Calendar (en route)
7 Gypsies Letterblock Trays (en route)

Pink Paislee (pre-ordered)
Tim Holtz stamps (pre-ordered)
Tim Holtz Sizzix and Ideaology (pre-ordered)
Christmas and Halloween (pre-ordered)

If you would like anything put on hold for you when it arrives, please call the store.

We had a strange day in the store on Tuesday. It was "Manday". More men were in the store than women at one point. One guy wanted to know if we had coin rollers, another guy was looking for spare parts, another guy was picking up his wifes' order (she called from England and did a "store walk-about shop" with Susan) - always a fun day at the "Yard".

In My Humble Opinion:

Okay, I got something terrible in the mail today - the Victoria Secret catalogue. I got the one for tall, skinny, young women with 30" inseam - crap, I'm a 28" inseam!!!!

Another terrible thing - I accidently cleaned Milo's (my dog, not my child) ears with Shiseido Eye-Make-Up Remover instead of his Opti-ear cleanser. Damn those clear bottles! Am I a bad mother or what?????

Hugs to Diane.


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Lisa said...

You are sooo funny and make me laugh everytime!!!