Friday, September 3, 2010

TGIF - and my birthday!

Hey Bloggerettes,

It's great to be another year older - the alternative isn't that great!

The store is now operating on regular hours of business:

Mon-Fri 10-9pm
Sat 10-5pm
Sun 12-5pm

Monday,Sept 6 LABOR DAY HOURS: 12-5
(Shabby Chic II Classes start at 6PM on Monday)

Lots of classes are being scheduled. Check the "Stuff We Teach" on the website.

The Basic Grey Calendars are here.
7 Gypsies Shadowbox Tray (12x16) arrived today. Another cool item is their Library Drawer. Susan has already claimed them to do an Advent Calendar Class - stay tuned.
All the Stickles colors are back in stock.

In My Humble Opinion:
Growing old gracefully has its' challenges - I was waiting on a young couple the other day and I'm sure they will have nightmares about me - We were all at the Art Bar and I was showing them something when a rather large heat wave washed over me - beaded sweat on upper lip and brow, bright crimson face, left a sweaty palm print on the Art Bar surface (I had to get a paper towel to mop it up - YUCK!), almost slipped out of my sandals with the sweaty feet. Try to handle all of this and not miss a beat!!! It's quite a feat - I think I'll make up imaginary diseases to explain it like "Shesweatsalotosis" or "Aquabodicockis".



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lori,
having "Chinooks" is part of this aging process, lots of fun!!!
Have a great birthday anyway,
Irene and Dixie

Irene said...

re the previous comment, I am not Anonymous. I just hit the wrong key on the computer.

Irene and Dixie

K Tareta said...

Hey Lori - Happy B-day!!!! I've had a few martinis and a marguerita in celebration of your day. Just saw you the other day and you look fabulous dahling!