Friday, May 29, 2009

Enjoy the next few days!

Hey Bloggerettes,

What a beautiful day. Thank goodness I called our maintenance people to service the A/C. The temperature in the store was perfect today. The card class this week was like a "sweat shop". I worked them really hard - ha, ha, ha.

More 7 Gypsy product arrived today. Lots of fun stuff! I hope to get all of the new Frost Creek metal charms into inventory tomorrow so they will available for you.

The "June" class schedule is posted on the website. Check it out.

Can't think of anything witty to say in this post so.........

CIAO for now!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Parlez vous francais?

Hey Bloggerettes,

I've ventured to a new continent for my on-line shopping. Now I need a translator. Who knew you need a "secure-code" for international transactions. I guess if I want it bad enough I'll figure it out.

I finished the "Scraplift Layout" from my french magazine tonight. I quite like it! It will be a class in June for 5-6 people (I only have enough original product for that many students - I had to dig into my own personal stash).

I noticed tonight in the store that we received some of Heidi Swapp's "Invisible" product line. We have 12x12 papers, chipboard and alphabets. We have a sample of one of the papers done with color washes - it's quite extraordinary.

CIAO (SEE, another foreign tongue that I use)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who loves ya baby????

Hey Bloggerettes,

My trip to Ranger University to hob-knob with my "main man" Tim is fast approaching. I have been receiving emails from other students of Ranger U regarding transportation and accommodation sharing opportunities. Guess who else is in the class??????? Heidi Swapp and Donna Downey are also lowly little students like me. Cool eh!!!

We received mega product on Thursday - it all came at once - 5 vendors. We have the newest tool from Scor-Pal called the Scor-Bug Embosser (it makes tiny embossed dots in the grooves of the Scor-Pal). All of the newest stamps from Stamper's Anonymous (Tim Holtz) are in along with a re-stock of the more popular sets. All Ranger products have been re-stocked. Doodlebug Braddies and Brad Boutique are in - they are very cute! Lots of new paper arrived from Scrap Your Trip - imagine - we even have SUDUKO paper! The Vegas paper is very original - love it! Some of the other papers include Figure Skating, Western, Graduation, Dance, Drama and Hockey. We also ordered lots of their die-cut words and phrases.

Robin and I went on our little road trip last Wednesday to check out a venue to hold a weekend retreat in July. We met with the Marketing Manager and gave her our "best-case scenario" objectives and then we ventured into the "dark side" and totally lost track of time. If my husband hadn't called me we might still be there!!! We haven't heard back from them so no news yet. Suppose they're still crunching numbers.

We are scheduling "Summer Kid's Classes" again this year. We will do one week in July and one week in August. They will consist of 5 days/2 hours per day for kids 8-12. Our teacher is even considering a 4-5 year old class on a Sunday.

FYI: The other new Basic Grey line for summer called June Bug is two-sided. Most of the solid colors are on the reverse side but some of them are even patterned.

The newest "Canadian Scrapbooker" magazine is available.

I subscribe to a French scrapbooking magazine called "entre ARTistes magazine" and I love it. If I break out into a foreign language don't be alarmed. Some words just need their "R's" rolled. I would like to "Scraplift" some of their layouts with products we have in the store. I find they have a very unique style that we don't see very often. The official definition/etiquette of "Scraplifting" from the website "Scrapjazz" is as follows:

Scraplifting (skrap-lift-ing) – The act of copying ideas and designs from another person’s scrapbook page to use in your own pages. Designs or ideas can be copied in whole or in part and is largely subjective.
Why re-invent the wheel for every page? Someone else may have already come up with the perfect design for the photos you have. Scraplifting is accepted…it’s why we look at other people’s pages for ideas.
Perhaps the easiest method of scraplifting is to CASE a layout. CASE stands for "Copy and Steal Everything." CASEing a layout involves purchasing the same supplies as the original creator, and creating a layout with the exact same design and layout as the original, making only minimal changes, such as the page's title and photography. CASEing is excellent for new scrapbookers because it allows you to try out many different styles quickly and easily.
Scraplifting Etiquette:
As with any art form, the most important thing to remember when scraplifting is to give credit where credit is due. For example, if you CASE a layout and then post it online without crediting the original page, that would be both insulting and unfair to the original artist. When scraplifting certain elements, it is simply a matter of judgement.

Okay, that's my novel for tonight :0


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's about time for some LEMONADE!!

LEMONADE is one of the new lines released by Basic Grey today. Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good morning VK :)


In honor of Vicky's birthday on Monday, Robin and I wore our crowns all day. I was quite surprised how easy the transition was from peon to royalty. I hardly noticed I was wearing a crown - it was the perfect fit. Robin's, however, did not fit - oh, if only she had a pointed head!

The gals from LA (Lethbridge, Alberta) were gung-ho on Sunday. We did the private "7 Gypsies Envelope Book Class" in record time. They are all very savvy, knowledgeable scrapbookers. It took them awhile to warm up to me but as soon as we started playing the game "Things that sound dirty but they're not" the laughter began. Many thanks to Maureen for her invaluable assistance. FYI: She was also the designer of the class project.

The infamous Lynn Thune will be teaching another class in early June. She has designed an envelope book for "Father's Day".

My latest "Wonder of the Week" is on display. Dorothy & Toto would be proud of me!

I was surfing through the TV channels this morning and came across a title that made me laugh. It was called "Toot & Puddle" - now what age group do you think that show would appeal too? The YOUNG or the OLD??????

Our "Chicks With Blades" brought in the pictures from the Bull River Scrapbooking Retreat - OMG - caught on film doing "unbecoming of an store owner" antics. Geez we look bad! Why didn't someone break out a mirror or something?????

Okay, now some stuff about The Scrap Yard.

Robin and I are off on a road trip on Tuesday to check out a venue to host a weekend retreat in mid July. We want to fuse our 2 favorite passions. I'll keep you posted.

We are expecting our Stamper's Anonymous Tim Holtz stamps this week. The alcohol inks, ink pads, tools and Idea-ology will also be re-stocked. There is enough interest to run the "Horton Hears a Holtz" class twice monthly starting in June. YEAH TIM HOLTZ FANS!

We have had considerable interest in Copic markers lately. If you would like to order them individually please contact the store. There are also several new Slice cartridges available. We will special order them also.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Will it ever be SUMMER??????

Hey Bloggerettes,

Just touching base with the "peeps".

Our holiday hours for the weekend will be:
Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm (I have a private 7 Gypsies Class booked all day for the gals from Lethbridge - sorry the workshop won't be available.)
Monday 12-5pm (Victoria Day - I guess I should wear a crown that day)

I just received an email from our rep at Basic Grey. They are releasing 2 new collections on May 20 along with 7 new products. Who knew????

We are expecting the Making Memories line called "I Do" this week along with lots of other goodies from our wholesaler. I can't even remember what else we ordered - I love the surprise when we open the shipments.

I have a confession - I emailed Tim Holtz, my main man, with my condolences for the loss of his 14 year old Spaniel named Cooper AND I MADE A SPELLING MISTAKE!!!! AHHHHHHH, I hate spelling mistakes - I feel like such a looser - what will he think of me now!!!! He'll think I'm an uneducated hick from Canada. Should I wear a sheaf of wheat in my hair at "Ranger U" so he'll recognize me????

Gotta go - I'm so ashamed!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey, hey, hey.......

Hey Blogerettes,

Lots of new product has arrived at the store. Basic Grey's "Lime Rickey" and "Wisteria" are here as well as some of their newest bling - "Rub-ons & Rhinestones".

Prima's newest canvas line from Donna Downey has arrived. There are canvas albums (8x8), tags and tabs - very innovative! We can't wait to see what MW does with these. I'm sure her quilting prowess prevail.

Kaiser has come out with more pearls and rhinestones. They now come in long strips for your scrapbooking pleasure.

We have mega amounts of Tim Holtz product. Apparently I am obsessed with it. FYI: In June I am going to "Ranger University" (Tinton Falls, New Jersey) to hone my "Tim Holtz" skills. YAHOO!!!!!

"TransAtlantique" from Graphic 45 is on the floor. It's a very vintage line.

Robin and I accompanied some of our favorite customers to "Bull River Guest Ranch" scrapbooking retreat this past weekend. It is truely an amazing retreat. We enjoyed every minute. Hopefully they weren't offended by some of our "dress-up" antics and will invite us back. Attached are some of the layouts Robin produced over the weekend. I indulged myself in massage, reflexology, spoonfuls of homemade toffee sauce, socializing and Tim Holtz technique tags. I will post my accomplishments in a few days.