Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Parlez vous francais?

Hey Bloggerettes,

I've ventured to a new continent for my on-line shopping. Now I need a translator. Who knew you need a "secure-code" for international transactions. I guess if I want it bad enough I'll figure it out.

I finished the "Scraplift Layout" from my french magazine tonight. I quite like it! It will be a class in June for 5-6 people (I only have enough original product for that many students - I had to dig into my own personal stash).

I noticed tonight in the store that we received some of Heidi Swapp's "Invisible" product line. We have 12x12 papers, chipboard and alphabets. We have a sample of one of the papers done with color washes - it's quite extraordinary.

CIAO (SEE, another foreign tongue that I use)

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