Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's new Pussycat??????

Hey Bloggerettes,
Long time no chat...............
I went to the Teresa Collins "Inspiration Unlimited" 4th annual event in Vegas last weekend. Lots of classes, casino-going, pool-time, shopping, Thai Crunch Salad (2x), hob-knobbing with the big name scrapbookers. Yeah, I love this trip.
We received mega product yesterday and today - it will probably take days to get it all in the computer. I think it was 630 pounds!!! Everyday you will see new stuff.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's my party..............

Hey Bloggerettes,
How many "Crave" cupcakes are too many to eat on your birthday???? I have been totally spoiled today with such decadence. Thanks to my "peeps"!
"Hug Snug" seam binding is all the rage right now. I have 6 colors in stock right now. You can buy it by the yard for a mere 49 cents. It is easy to dye with Color Wash or any other permanent coloring - even Jello. Starch it and crumple it and it is fabulous!
Did you happen to see the article in the Herald "Neighbours" section that referenced "The Scrap Yard"? Way cool. I did a telephone interview with the writer.
"Shabby Chic" starts on Monday - can hardly wait. The September classes are posted on the website calendar. Check it out.