Thursday, June 25, 2009

What in tarnation??????

Hey Bloggerettes,

I couldn't resist posting this picture. Can you imagine what I was thinking when I saw these 2 fellows early one morning ambling towards our front door carrying a scrapbooking tote??? I had to take a picture. Apparently other industries are ripping off scrapbooking paraphernalia!!!! These men came into our store to check our fire extinguishers. You can imagine lots of mocking ensued. I looked through their tote just to see what else could be used to create a masterpeice.


J _ _ _ B_ _ & L _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hey Bloggerettes,

What could that stand for??? John Boy & Leprosy, Junk Bag & Looserville, or maybe June Bug and Lemonade - the names of the newest Basic Grey collections. Aren't you glad I don't get to name the collections???? These 2 lines arrived today in all their glory. Basic Grey has added new products to their collections - Woolies (felt die-cut shapes), Layered Stickers, Doilies (12x12 intricately cut paper kinda like doilies), Cardstock Stickers, a fun pack of 3D Favors and journaling tags called Take Note. The June Bug line is double sided - twice the paper and designs. I like the new pattern of the solid colors. Sidebar: Check out their website to see one of our customers' layouts posted in the Gallery (pg 7). Look for Jemma Richmond-Murray. Way to go Jemma!!!! Does Barry know how famous you are?

Also arriving today at "The Scrap Yard" was an order containing a re-stock of Stampers Anonymous stamps. As great product called "Ink Refresher" from Ranger Ink also arrived. It's the best!! It adds much needed moisture to the stamp pads that you think are dry and useless.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Ultimate Gypsy

Wow - I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert last night - WOW! I knew I would love it but certainly didn't expect to be reduced to tears 3 times! Our original tickets were in row 18 on the floor but my dear friend Em had 2 extra tickets to sit with her in row 4. I'm ruined for concerts forever now. I have never seen artists that up close and personal before. And the songs... well what can I say....they just bring back so many memories. Stevie Nicks is a true gypsy right down to her scarf ladened tambourine. She spoke of the bands' beginning (she had just started high school) and they opened for such people as Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix. I feel sorry for our kids' generation - I don't think they'll ever be able to experience a concert of bands they are listening to now when they are in their late 40's! What was really cool was the fact that there were so many young people there as well. Here are some photos ( I don't know why we got such a clear shot of Lindsay Buckingham and every one of Stevie Nicks is so blurry). Just in awe I guess! Robin

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Hey Maureen, where were you on the weekend??? You know you must stop in daily!!!

I think I'm back on the right time zone and schedule now. Staying up really late and sleeping in really late - that's the norm! If anyone asks what time I'll show up at the store for my shift Robin always tells them 12ish. She's usually right. I always find something very important to do at 11:55. What's with that!!!

We received our My Little Yellow Bicycle shipment. It's a travel line with some terrific enamel, lace, transparency and double-sided papers.

The new Clip-it-up "Jumbo" has also arrived. You can store 12x12 paper on it. There are also rubber grippers that can go on the clips so they won't mark your delicate papers. The "Swinging Wall Arm" also arrived.

Lost Coast Designs is a rubber stamp company that we liked so we brought in some of their product. They are quite unique.

We are in the midst of placing an order with Ten Second Studio if anybody has any requests.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend Retreat

The plans are finalized.

We are hosting a weekend retreat at the Stoney Nakoda Casino (40 minutes west towards Canmore). Here are the details:

When: July 17-19 (check in around 4pm - check out around 3pm)

Cost: $250.00 (based on double occupancy-singles are $350)

Meals Included: Saturday breakfast buffet, Saturday lunch buffet, Saturday supper buffet, Sunday brunch. A separate coffee/cookie room will be available Saturday morning if you are a late riser.

Extras: Make-and-takes, surprises, games and a whole lotta fun!

Casino: Where you will find Robin and I if you need us-JUST KIDDING!!

Sign up now!

Call the store 403-271-2225
drop by and sign up in person

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's over........................

Hey Bloggerettes,

OMG I can't believe it's over. We packed up our big box of product, said our thanks and goodbyes and wandered off into the Jersey sunset. I sat on the edge of my bed and browsed through my many fabulous tags and tried not to shed a tear.

Okay, okay..............I am sad that I won't be front and center with my man Tim but I miss the store and my dog. I'm headed home tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Tim is an excellent instructor. He is humorous, a storyteller, extremely knowledgeable, tolerant and a great guy.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hi Y'all

Hey Bloggerettes,
Another fun filled day at Ranger U. Claudine Hellmuth was an instructor today. We experienced her great paints and multi-mediums. Now that I know what they are about and have had a chance to try all of them, I can honestly say that I love them. They are a far superior product compared to any other acrylic products I have used.
Tim was wearing his necklace that "The Scrap Yard" gave to him today again. I wore mine just so we could be twins. He taught the science and properties of Distress products today. I learned some new stuff, can't wait to share. Tomorrow is all about the inks. I took pictures of lots of the projects that were in the classroom and some that were just featured today by the instructors. Enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Am I Canadian or what, eh?

Hey Bloggerettes,
Okay, this is pretty fabulous being at Ranger U! Tim is real! I am sitting right at the front of the class so I can pay very close attention. We whipped right through all the ways of using Perfect Pearls - who knew there were so many - in the morning after the factory tour. After lunch the little spitfire Suze Weinberg took over the class and we used the melting pot with different waxing techniques - you should see my eyebrows now!! Just kidding, we did some great altered art with wax.
There are only 5 Canadians in the class and apparently I have an accent. There is a lady from Australia who had the trip from hell to get here. There are 3 ladies from France and a crazy lady from Quebec, Ludmilla, who translates everything for them. Donna Downey loves me. She invited me to her suite to party tonight but I opted to go to Target with an emergency room Doctor (who owns a scrapbook store in New York). I said "Hi" to Heidi Swapp for you Starr. I gave Tim his dog tag of Cooper tonight. I got all teary over his loss and had to walk away. He loved it and thanked me several times. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Cat's Away

Hi Everyone;

I drove Lori to the airport bright and early this morning. I'd forgotten how frustrating driving the Deerfoot was during rush hour. I didn't shift into second gear from Southland to almost Memorial Drive! SERIOUS ROAD RAGE!

Anyway, even though Tim requested that everyone wear their "grubbies" to Ranger U, you can all well imagine what little "ensom" Lori had on this morning! VERY colorful (and I'm sure her large black and white harlequin suitcase was loaded as well). There is absolutely no doubt that Tim will notice her! She has promised to keep us informed throughout her journey via this blog.

All of you members out there should have now received the e-mail giving the details of our July retreat. Sounds like fun, huh? We would really like to stick with a group of just 50 people so call in to reserve your spot. Details are:

Friday, July 17th to Sunday, July 19th at the Nakoda Casino located 40 minutes from Calgary. Deluxe accommodations, 3 buffet meals on Saturday as well as coffee and muffins and a full Sunday buffet brunch are all included. We can start cropping anytime after 4:00 p.m. on Friday until midnight and then again on Saturday until midnight. We have arranged for late checkout on Sunday (about 3:00). Price is ONLY $250.00 (based on double occupancy). Call the store to get a quote if you prefer a room all to yourself! Hope you can make it (KA CHING)!