Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Cat's Away

Hi Everyone;

I drove Lori to the airport bright and early this morning. I'd forgotten how frustrating driving the Deerfoot was during rush hour. I didn't shift into second gear from Southland to almost Memorial Drive! SERIOUS ROAD RAGE!

Anyway, even though Tim requested that everyone wear their "grubbies" to Ranger U, you can all well imagine what little "ensom" Lori had on this morning! VERY colorful (and I'm sure her large black and white harlequin suitcase was loaded as well). There is absolutely no doubt that Tim will notice her! She has promised to keep us informed throughout her journey via this blog.

All of you members out there should have now received the e-mail giving the details of our July retreat. Sounds like fun, huh? We would really like to stick with a group of just 50 people so call in to reserve your spot. Details are:

Friday, July 17th to Sunday, July 19th at the Nakoda Casino located 40 minutes from Calgary. Deluxe accommodations, 3 buffet meals on Saturday as well as coffee and muffins and a full Sunday buffet brunch are all included. We can start cropping anytime after 4:00 p.m. on Friday until midnight and then again on Saturday until midnight. We have arranged for late checkout on Sunday (about 3:00). Price is ONLY $250.00 (based on double occupancy). Call the store to get a quote if you prefer a room all to yourself! Hope you can make it (KA CHING)!


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I'm gonna tell on you!