Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Hey Maureen, where were you on the weekend??? You know you must stop in daily!!!

I think I'm back on the right time zone and schedule now. Staying up really late and sleeping in really late - that's the norm! If anyone asks what time I'll show up at the store for my shift Robin always tells them 12ish. She's usually right. I always find something very important to do at 11:55. What's with that!!!

We received our My Little Yellow Bicycle shipment. It's a travel line with some terrific enamel, lace, transparency and double-sided papers.

The new Clip-it-up "Jumbo" has also arrived. You can store 12x12 paper on it. There are also rubber grippers that can go on the clips so they won't mark your delicate papers. The "Swinging Wall Arm" also arrived.

Lost Coast Designs is a rubber stamp company that we liked so we brought in some of their product. They are quite unique.

We are in the midst of placing an order with Ten Second Studio if anybody has any requests.


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