Thursday, June 25, 2009

What in tarnation??????

Hey Bloggerettes,

I couldn't resist posting this picture. Can you imagine what I was thinking when I saw these 2 fellows early one morning ambling towards our front door carrying a scrapbooking tote??? I had to take a picture. Apparently other industries are ripping off scrapbooking paraphernalia!!!! These men came into our store to check our fire extinguishers. You can imagine lots of mocking ensued. I looked through their tote just to see what else could be used to create a masterpeice.



Jemma said...

Poor guys didnt stand a chance did they ;) lol

Anonymous said...

The Scrapyard is my favorite craft store? Is it yours? Nominate the Scrapyard for the Calgary Herald Readers Choice awards by going to the mouse down the right side of the home page to Spotlights "2009 Readers Choice Awards" - nominate the Scrapyard under favorite craft store. I think Robin and Lori need to be recognized.

One of the chicks.