Monday, March 23, 2009

A picture is worth...........

Not much to say (how unlike me) but photos to share.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Title Challenged Again!!!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Here's the latest from the "Yard"......................

New product on the shelves:

Pink Paislee lines "Fetching" and "Fascinating" are in-store. There are tasteful embellishment stickers, rub-ons, glossy chipboard elements and letters, alpha stickers, and brads of course. I also ordered one paper from another line just because it's a wood-grain print. Very hot this season.

Pewter charms in many shapes (frames that are square, rectangle, round, domed at the back), angel wings, large ornate keys, key holes, sewing machines, telephones, latches, phone dials, scrapbook related pieces, flowers, etc.........

Shabby Chic Studios journaling tags in many sizes and formats. There is even one that is similar to a Monopoly card - my fav!! Can't you picture your own family game on a layout????

Paper Wizard has arrived. They are the vendor that supplies the thick, shiny, embossed Lego paper and embellishments. We also get many high-end die cut embellishments from them. We have the following titles/shapes: Lacrosse, Ringette, New York, Class of 2009, Gotta Love the Mouse, Feel the Magic, Universal Studios, Anaheim (castle), Figure Skating, Calgary Stampeders, Calgary Stampede belt buckle, Las Vegas, porthole with ship emerging, Splash Zone, Rodeo and a Limo.

We are still waiting for the new Tim Holtz stamps,inks and new idea-ology. An order has been shipped from the wholesaler - lets hope the goods are inside!! Glitz Girls has been shipped - it should arive this week. Another big order from 7 Gypsies has been shipped. Get out your tambourine!!!

I'll post my pics tomorrow. I went on a photo frenzy in the store.

Robin did a layout of me doing something I shouldn't have been doing while we were in Chicago this summer. She put it up at the store for all to see. All I can say is "GAME ON!!!"

Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about my brother. :) He is recovering at home now. We keep a close eye on him because everyday is a new hurtle. Luv ya bro!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

I was on a BH (Blog Hiatus)!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Okay the new stuff in our store includes:

-3 lines from Sassafrass Lass (Anthem, Bungle Jungle & Vintage Yummy). We have the papers, stickers and Paper Whimsies - the hard embellishments don't ship til April-what up with that????

-My Little Yellow Bicycle Baby lines called "Baby Safari". You know how cute all of MLYB embellishments are from their previous lines!

-our front counter has several new containers of "scrap metal" (ornate frames, scrapbook notions, shoes, glasses, cameras, cutlery, vintage paraphernalia, birds, dragonflies, corners, tags etc).

-we bagged the vintage product that we received from an on-line antique store and it is displayed in our new "Junque" area. There is a clear sample bag showing the type of goodies that are in the bags. Also, there are new vials of German Glass Glitter available in great colors.

-the Karen Foster 3D Countdown Calendars are back in stock. Can't you visualize one done up for Easter??????

-Mickey/Disney/Vegas/New York product is building up in the travel area from different vendors.

Newsflash: Robin has been scrapbooking at home in the evenings - she did some fabulous layouts and has put them up around the store. Check it out!

The results of how Daylight Savings Time affected the store owners:

Lori set her AUTOMATIC DST alarm clock ahead one hour last night and showed up at the store ONE hour early (never happens) and Robin was unaware that DST even happened and showed up one hour late (never happens). Could the planets be un-aligned or something?????