Sunday, March 8, 2009

I was on a BH (Blog Hiatus)!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Okay the new stuff in our store includes:

-3 lines from Sassafrass Lass (Anthem, Bungle Jungle & Vintage Yummy). We have the papers, stickers and Paper Whimsies - the hard embellishments don't ship til April-what up with that????

-My Little Yellow Bicycle Baby lines called "Baby Safari". You know how cute all of MLYB embellishments are from their previous lines!

-our front counter has several new containers of "scrap metal" (ornate frames, scrapbook notions, shoes, glasses, cameras, cutlery, vintage paraphernalia, birds, dragonflies, corners, tags etc).

-we bagged the vintage product that we received from an on-line antique store and it is displayed in our new "Junque" area. There is a clear sample bag showing the type of goodies that are in the bags. Also, there are new vials of German Glass Glitter available in great colors.

-the Karen Foster 3D Countdown Calendars are back in stock. Can't you visualize one done up for Easter??????

-Mickey/Disney/Vegas/New York product is building up in the travel area from different vendors.

Newsflash: Robin has been scrapbooking at home in the evenings - she did some fabulous layouts and has put them up around the store. Check it out!

The results of how Daylight Savings Time affected the store owners:

Lori set her AUTOMATIC DST alarm clock ahead one hour last night and showed up at the store ONE hour early (never happens) and Robin was unaware that DST even happened and showed up one hour late (never happens). Could the planets be un-aligned or something?????



Jennifer said...

Whooo hooo! Ok - I can't wait to see the new stuff. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else make the connection that Lori has to set her alarm to get to work for noon? You crack me up! Roberta Beemer.