Monday, May 18, 2009

Good morning VK :)


In honor of Vicky's birthday on Monday, Robin and I wore our crowns all day. I was quite surprised how easy the transition was from peon to royalty. I hardly noticed I was wearing a crown - it was the perfect fit. Robin's, however, did not fit - oh, if only she had a pointed head!

The gals from LA (Lethbridge, Alberta) were gung-ho on Sunday. We did the private "7 Gypsies Envelope Book Class" in record time. They are all very savvy, knowledgeable scrapbookers. It took them awhile to warm up to me but as soon as we started playing the game "Things that sound dirty but they're not" the laughter began. Many thanks to Maureen for her invaluable assistance. FYI: She was also the designer of the class project.

The infamous Lynn Thune will be teaching another class in early June. She has designed an envelope book for "Father's Day".

My latest "Wonder of the Week" is on display. Dorothy & Toto would be proud of me!

I was surfing through the TV channels this morning and came across a title that made me laugh. It was called "Toot & Puddle" - now what age group do you think that show would appeal too? The YOUNG or the OLD??????

Our "Chicks With Blades" brought in the pictures from the Bull River Scrapbooking Retreat - OMG - caught on film doing "unbecoming of an store owner" antics. Geez we look bad! Why didn't someone break out a mirror or something?????

Okay, now some stuff about The Scrap Yard.

Robin and I are off on a road trip on Tuesday to check out a venue to host a weekend retreat in mid July. We want to fuse our 2 favorite passions. I'll keep you posted.

We are expecting our Stamper's Anonymous Tim Holtz stamps this week. The alcohol inks, ink pads, tools and Idea-ology will also be re-stocked. There is enough interest to run the "Horton Hears a Holtz" class twice monthly starting in June. YEAH TIM HOLTZ FANS!

We have had considerable interest in Copic markers lately. If you would like to order them individually please contact the store. There are also several new Slice cartridges available. We will special order them also.



Valery said...

Thanks Lori.... made my day again! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Just one of the Lethbridge Girls here....just wanted to thank you again, the class was fabulous, your assistance, smiles & laughter was awesome. Look forward to doing it again sometime. Cheers to the scrapyard girls!!!