Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who loves ya baby????

Hey Bloggerettes,

My trip to Ranger University to hob-knob with my "main man" Tim is fast approaching. I have been receiving emails from other students of Ranger U regarding transportation and accommodation sharing opportunities. Guess who else is in the class??????? Heidi Swapp and Donna Downey are also lowly little students like me. Cool eh!!!

We received mega product on Thursday - it all came at once - 5 vendors. We have the newest tool from Scor-Pal called the Scor-Bug Embosser (it makes tiny embossed dots in the grooves of the Scor-Pal). All of the newest stamps from Stamper's Anonymous (Tim Holtz) are in along with a re-stock of the more popular sets. All Ranger products have been re-stocked. Doodlebug Braddies and Brad Boutique are in - they are very cute! Lots of new paper arrived from Scrap Your Trip - imagine - we even have SUDUKO paper! The Vegas paper is very original - love it! Some of the other papers include Figure Skating, Western, Graduation, Dance, Drama and Hockey. We also ordered lots of their die-cut words and phrases.

Robin and I went on our little road trip last Wednesday to check out a venue to hold a weekend retreat in July. We met with the Marketing Manager and gave her our "best-case scenario" objectives and then we ventured into the "dark side" and totally lost track of time. If my husband hadn't called me we might still be there!!! We haven't heard back from them so no news yet. Suppose they're still crunching numbers.

We are scheduling "Summer Kid's Classes" again this year. We will do one week in July and one week in August. They will consist of 5 days/2 hours per day for kids 8-12. Our teacher is even considering a 4-5 year old class on a Sunday.

FYI: The other new Basic Grey line for summer called June Bug is two-sided. Most of the solid colors are on the reverse side but some of them are even patterned.

The newest "Canadian Scrapbooker" magazine is available.

I subscribe to a French scrapbooking magazine called "entre ARTistes magazine" and I love it. If I break out into a foreign language don't be alarmed. Some words just need their "R's" rolled. I would like to "Scraplift" some of their layouts with products we have in the store. I find they have a very unique style that we don't see very often. The official definition/etiquette of "Scraplifting" from the website "Scrapjazz" is as follows:

Scraplifting (skrap-lift-ing) – The act of copying ideas and designs from another person’s scrapbook page to use in your own pages. Designs or ideas can be copied in whole or in part and is largely subjective.
Why re-invent the wheel for every page? Someone else may have already come up with the perfect design for the photos you have. Scraplifting is accepted…it’s why we look at other people’s pages for ideas.
Perhaps the easiest method of scraplifting is to CASE a layout. CASE stands for "Copy and Steal Everything." CASEing a layout involves purchasing the same supplies as the original creator, and creating a layout with the exact same design and layout as the original, making only minimal changes, such as the page's title and photography. CASEing is excellent for new scrapbookers because it allows you to try out many different styles quickly and easily.
Scraplifting Etiquette:
As with any art form, the most important thing to remember when scraplifting is to give credit where credit is due. For example, if you CASE a layout and then post it online without crediting the original page, that would be both insulting and unfair to the original artist. When scraplifting certain elements, it is simply a matter of judgement.

Okay, that's my novel for tonight :0


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