Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Beavers Are Compromised!!!

Hey Bloggerettes,

OMG, we received our Fedex package that we shipped back with catalogues, schwag and our beaver costumes from CHA (Anaheim) and when we opened it 2 heads and one beaver tail was missing! I'll bet someone in Disneyland is walking around impersonating a Canadian beaver as we speak! Robin had the pleasure of reporting it to Fedex and had to actually say that she lost her beaver. I bet they don't hear that every day.

We would like to thank everyone who shopped this past weekend at our store. What a great weekend we had. Record breaking sales! We now have room for new product that should start arriving in the next week or so. There will be a steady stream of new stuff until at least July. Thank goodness it doesn't all come at once - it will be stagger shipped. We want to surprise you with what we bought at CHA. Can you hardly wait??????


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