Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tidy, Tidy, All the Time Tidy!

Okay, when I saw this booth at CHA the "Felix" in me totally cringed! I couldn't even walk in (not that anything appealed to me). Anyway, Lori and I (and our fabulous assistant PG) have been doing inventory and it is going quite well. I have been in a "tidy as you go" mode and have been busy purging old lines to make room for new ones that we have never carried before (sorry, you have to wait til they get here)! So on that of yesterday our sale section (50% off) contains: all Doodlebug velvet papers and braddies, all Graphic 45, all Harmonie and all Nicki Sivilas. Get it while it's hot 'cause it won't be coming back!!

Have a great day and GO CANADA!!


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