Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Ain't Over!!

So I have posted a photo of Lori jumping with glee that she wasn't going to teach anymore Patchwork classes. I'm thinking she should now move on to the "coat classes". I think it would work like this: for a small size coat the cost of the class would be $500.00 for a member, $1,000.00 for non-members. For each size increment the cost would increase by $100.00. Any takers???!!! Too funny! Who would actually wear this thing? (unless of course you were the ultimate Tim Holtz groupie).

Anyway, I also wanted to let you all know that we are starting something new at the Yard. One Saturday every month we will be hosting a "buffet" of sorts. You bring your photos, adhesive and tools and we will provide page maps and a fabulous buffet of product to use to create as many layouts as you can in 4 hours. The cost is $19.99 for members and $39.99 for non-members and you will enjoy a 10% discount in the store as well. The person who creates the most layouts by the end of the evening will take home a fabulous prize!

Our 1st "buffet" will be the CHA Buffet - we brought home tons of schwag from the show and want to share. It will be held on Saturday, February 27th from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and I (Robin) will be your gracious hostess! Pre-registration is absolutely necessary 'cause we have a limited number of spots available. Hope to see you there.

That's all for today but continue to watch the blog for new product arriving.


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