Sunday, February 7, 2010

Urban Acronyms

Hey Bloggerettes,

I was blog surfing and found some funny acronyms that I think you will enjoy and learn from.

YYY-yadda, yadda, yadda
CTD-circling the drain/close to death
GYAC-give yourself a clap
BLOG-big load of gossip
SSDD-same shit, different day
2KX-2010 (love this one)
SAHM-stay at home mom
FHO-friends helping others
BWS-beached whale syndrome
FDGB-fall down go boom (JP)
FRACS-fornicates regularily and chain smokes
HIVI-husband is village idiot
UBI-unexplaineed beer injury
A3-anytime, any place, anywhere
ASTRO-always stating the really obvious
BOB-battery operated boyfriend
CRS-can't remember shit
FART-fecal air rectally transmitted
XYZ-examine your zipper

I taught my VERY LAST "Patchwork Pandemonium (Tim Holtz Techniques)" class today - another 7 hours of teaching and 7000 hours of prep. I must admit that the finished products turned out spectacular. Good work girls!


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