Friday, February 26, 2010

Nice Ending to a Crazy Week

So today started relatively calm considering the crazy week I have had. I leisurely strolled in for my shift at 12:00 and then all ##@@$$%% broke loose! Shipments, customers, phone calls and well, payroll! Here it is 6:10 and I'm still here but you know, "I just have a few more things to do"!

Anyway - new stuff - we received 2 new lines of Studio Calico (love it even more than the last line)! Also a brand new line for us - Donna Salazer. Absolutely excellent papers and you have to check out the "Crafty Chronicle" and the packs of corrugated cardboard. Lastly, a whole lot of fun with Robin's Nest (not me). Fabulous animal/zoo type glitter papers in "not your usual colors". Also, a TON of dewdrops in tear shapes and diamond shapes.

For those of you who completely missed the Prima (I have never seen a line disappear so fast) I will re-order!! There has to be some trade off for Lori being in Hawaii - she missed out!!

Have a great weekend everyone and watch the blog next week for more (I know for a fact there are at least 2 fabulous things coming)!! Pop in on Tuesday and ask Lori to show you here tan lines.


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Maureen said...

I'm not too sure I am up for a "tan line" showing!!