Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 1 of the Show

Hey Bloggerettes,

The much anticipated "Day 1" of CHA is over. I think Robin's "dogs are still barking" (her feet are killing her). You never know what kind of shoes to wear. They must be fashionable yet comfy - such a dilema! I opted for the studded black army type boot.

We saw some great stuff today, some new vendors, some new machines, some famous people in the industry (Tim Holtz, Melissa Frances, Donna Salazar, Teresa Collins, Aimee and family from Graphic 45),some new/old friends, and a whole lotta product!

The biggest trend seems to be FLOWERS that are hand made out of all kinds of things. All the different misting products are used on them to glitz them up. Jewellry is also popular - lots of metal everywhere. Of course I did my annual necklace at the Tim Holtz "make-and-take" - it's pretty cool. They always do very generous M&T's.

We are handing out the red woolen Olympic mittens to our reps. I have a whole carry-on suitcase full of them that I wheel around the show. It's funny because the California vendors are really appreciating them these days. They think it's cold out. For crying out loud, it's not even cold. I went all day without a jacket - but then again - I'm not very chilly these days if you know what I mean!

We had "Happy Hour" with some of the gals that we met at the Crafters Home event. The girl with the tape runner had polished off about 4 cocktails and then was off to a class - note she doesn't have any other tools with her. Aren't you glad you're not sitting beside her!!! Just kidding Trisha.

Oh ya, note the brown suitcase type item in Tim's photo. It's a prototype of a new cutting machine that is being manufactured. It cuts all of his Sizzix dies like an electronic Big Shot machine. Who wants one???????
Enjoy the pics.



Diane said...

Hope you are doing a lot of shopping. Can't wait for the new stuff to arrive. I bought some of the Creative Imaginations wood this weekend and looking forward to trying something new with it. Seems "The Boyfriend" is still showing up in some photos!

Maureen said...

Robin, WTH are you doin' to that manequin! (s--t! I can't spell anymore) Everything looks just so yummy. Miss you in the store!