Friday, January 15, 2010

Greetings from the "Yard"

Hey Bloggerettes,

VK chastised me today for not keeping up with my blogging so here it is.......

We are still in the big sign dilema. Last week we put up a temporary sign but the management company had it taken down 5 days later. Today I spotted the guy who removed it so I ran outside and began my inquisition. We had it back in our store about an hour later with instructions not to put it up again. YIKES!

Robin and I leave on Wednesday for CHA. Hopefully we will be able to blog and send pics while we're away. Make sure you go shopping at our store while we're gone!

Robin and I are in the process of moving our craftrooms to different rooms in our houses. OMG I had no idea that I had so much fabulous stuff. For the last 3 years I have been amassing lime green bags full of product. I have not scrapbooked or made one single card in 3 years in my own home. You can imagine the thrill of looking in these bags. I think I have enough brads to pave Canyon Meadows Drive (but everybody knows I love brads). I have no intention of ceasing the collection! Speaking of collections, the attached photo is ONE pile of shoes that I had to take out of one room and set up in another. Can you guess how many shoes are in this pile??? Oh and by the way, how does one loose one shoe? When I set up the shoe gallery again I ended up with 3 single shoes. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh were could they be, do you not remove them both - oh maybe I lost them when I had a cast on my foot because Milo pulled me off a 7' ledge along Fish Creek into the river and I did not let go of the leash. That story requires a physical re-enactment.

Thanks for looking!


Donna said...

Maybe when you chased the sign guy you lost one shoe and he took that too. Sounds a little fishy.

Valery said...

Thanks for posting Lori, that made my day! Enjoy CHA and say hello to "my".... "our" boyfriend for me!!!!

Maureen said...

YOU CAN'T BRING HIM BACK!! have a great time. Am already looking forward to your coming home and telling me all about it!!