Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodbye CHA

Today was our last day at CHA. We only had two appointments left so it was a rather lazy day for us. We spent the afternoon wandering around and saying goodbye to some of the friends we only get to see at these events.

We know you all are going to be thrilled when our shipments start showing up in the next couple of weeks. It was REALLY hard to restrain ourselves in some of the booths. Our last appointment of the show was with Prima (nothing like saving the best for last). It never fails to amaze me how beautiful this product line is and believe me - they did not disappoint!

I've posted some pics from the last couple of days from my camera (notice I now have a boyfriend as well)! We will be back in the store on Thursday so see you all very soon.


Anonymous said...

Another photo of Tim

Definition for stalking
- stealthy pursuit: the act or process of stealthily following or trying to approach somebody or something

Travel Safe! See you tomorrow.

Maureen said...