Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello sunshine - bring me some heat.............

Hey Bloggerettes,

Some product from My Mind's Eye has arrived. Enjoy "Good Day Sunshine" because aren't we all tired of Mr. Winter!

In My Humble Opinion:
I have a story to tell.
I haven't been out shopping for myself in awhile so I decided to stop off at one of my usual haunts. I was gloriously gathering stuff and decided to stop in front of one of the mirrors to try on some outerwear. I donned a nice jacket - another woman was walking by and she stopped to tell me what a fabulous jacket it was - of course we started chatting and the next thing you know I'm trying on her glasses and she's trying on mine and we are exchanging Optomotrists' numbers etc. I showed her some of the other articles of clothing that I had picked up and we decided that the short, black, jersey cape had a great cowel collar and unique detail on the one shoulders. We parted all happy with ourselves and I proceeded to the checkout to buy my new-found clothes. Upon arriving home I was anxious to look at my purchases again so I laid them out on my bed for a viewing! GASP!!! But what to my wondering eye does appear - the lovely short, black cape is actually a skirt with a roll-over waistband and a pleat down the front! Can you imagine if I would have worn that out in public???? I can hear the comments now - "Lori, isn't your skirt a bit short???"
ha, ha, ha,


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Lynn said...

you gotta love that story!!! Wish I had been there! lol