Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taking inventory is not fun!!!

Hey Bloggerettes............

Robin and I finally finished keying in the inventory adjustments today. Boy is that an "un-creative" task! You can rest assured that we will be taking a bit more care with our inventory from now on.

Here is an update on some things that are happening:

-we will be putting Christmas product on sale this week (it needs to go)
-all of the Bisous (Bzoo) product is in clearance
-we received the "Memento" stamp pads that are excellent for stamping and coloring with Copic Markers
-the Valentines Card Class is this week
-the "Canvas of the Month" class has taken off big time - we're glad that you love the artwork
-we are in the process of setting up a "Cricut Cartridge Library" where you will be able to sign out the cartridges for a nominal fee (maybe March)
-we are re-arranging the store to accommodate the new product that will be arriving weekly - love those fixtures on casters!!!
-who wants to go to CKU Provo in August????? please let us know - we would like to take a group of 50 this year if there is enough SERIOUS interest (we have already done a lot of leg work for this event)
-who's ready for the 7 Gypsies Photo Carousel class? el fab-u-lo-soooooo

Now for some personal messages........

-hang in there Elaine, we're thinking about you and your family
-condolences to Irene and family for their recent loss
-Lucy, it was about time you re-surfaced!
-D&D: thanks for being our sounding board

Side note: My brother is doing much better now. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers

CIAO for now


Lynn said...

so glad you are done that nasty task! can't wait to see all the new product and so glad your brother is doing so much better! Have a good one!


irene anderson said...

thanks for your kind words and thoughts,