Sunday, February 15, 2009

Canada Post Delivered Today - Go Figure!!!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Canada Post delivered 2 of the newest lines of Bisous (bZOO) today. We now have "Rad" and "Hot". The little yellow Volkswagon chip shapes and design on some of the papers captured our hearts.

We are open holiday/Sunday hours tomorrow: 12-5pm

Happy Family Day Weekend :)


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Anonymous said...

The Marshall snuck into the Yard yesterday and purchased some Graphic45 paper. How fun is that going to be to work with! I also noticed that they had a new supply of Tim Holtz sissors so they came home too! We are so lucky - Timmy's coffee and Timmy's scrapbooking supplies - how close to heaven can this be.

Oh Ya - the update on Lori's brother was wonderful - he will never know how many cheerleaders he had.