Sunday, November 9, 2008

7 Gypsies Event

Maureen Williams and I attended the retailer "Gypsy Caravan" event put on by 7 Gypsies in Manhattan Beach, CA this past Friday. It was very intense but FABULOUS!! We made jewelry, a photo carousel (a must see at the store) taught by Sande Krieger, a Binderie punch mini album taught by Paula Cheney and a product/technique bookboard album showcasing many of their unique products taught by Janelle Smith. They are very good designers and teacher - but keep up! The theme was "Gypsy" so they encouraged participants to dress gypsy and be creative. Sooooooooooooo I packed up my best gypsy-wear and dressed up for the event. There were 97 women in attendance and I was the only one (other than Janelle Smith) who went "all out". Oh well, I usually leave an impression on people!!!! I had my picture taken several times that day. I had on 25 necklaces, rings on my fingers and toes, 7 scarves, a hoop earring and other dangly earrings in my ears, 7 bracelets on one arm and about 10 on the other, a babushka on my head, amulet/potions pouches around my waist, a blousey top and a jagged edge skirt, a big chunky belt and a scarf around my waist - I was surprised that I didn't have the perfect gypsy footwear but I made do with a little pair of wrap around sandals in a metallic color - very "magpie-ish".

We did a bit of shopping while in Manhattan Beach-I discovered the shop called "Anthologie". OMG it's my new favorite store!!!!! Of course I had to pay duty again at Customs and Immigration.

Lynn Thune ( had her group of gals at the store on Saturday for an extravaganza crop. She is amazing! They are amazing! Check out her stuff on the "One Little Word" typepad website listed above.


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Lynn said...

Ok I totally LOVE the whole Gypsy thing you got going on! Amazing nd the projects you created are amazing! Love all of it!!!