Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thunder rolls.....................

Hey Bloggerettes,

Yet another thunder storm is predicted tonight. The torrential rain storm earlier in the week was very damaging. When I was driving home after work there must have been 15 trees along Canyon Meadows Drive toppled over (I think they were Walmart trees)!!

An order from Creative Imaginations came in today. A new product called 'Radiant Rain" - a glimmer spray in fabulous, vibrant colors. Banana Leaf paper, in several unique colors, is on the shelf. Some summer die-cut papers also came in.

The class calendar for August is posted.

Everyone should do their Civic Duty and visit The Scrap Yard this weekend (Friday and Saturday) to take advantage of the 25% OFF SALE.

When you are out shopping for your new fall wardrobe remember the Fall 2010 colors that are shown above. These colors will also be prominent in the scrapbooking world for fall so you can be "matchy-matchy.


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Linda Cain said...

Hey, girl! Couldn't find your email, but had to say hey! Thanks for the comment on the blog, love your new design on yours. I almost used that one by Tina Chen, I think. I changed my mind 3 times now.
Wish me luck on the DT, this gal is getting OLD! Miss ya!
Your Friend in ART and MADNESS,