Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lori's BD and Tim Holtz

Hi All;

First of all, before I forget, we will be open tomorrow (Labour Day) for holiday hours (12-5).

Lori's BD was a blast! I had decorated the windows of the store with probably not the most flattering photo of Lori and signed them all with "Lorisms" before she came to work (at noonISH). I then left a stack on the counter for friends and customers to write messages on. Some are absolutely hilarious! The nastiest one (or dirtiest I guess) was actually written by my own mother (I guess I come by it honestly enough). The most decorated was from our Friday Night Girls (the #@!$%$ with Bling) - fabulous - Lori was even given the honor of being a #@$%! for the day (was there a difference)!!???

MY favorite gift that Lori got was from Purcell - a part of black blocker glasses. We can now do whatever we want AND get away with it! We had a blast with these on Friday night. WAY more photo shoots to come! Look out we come!

The Tim Holtz Patchwork classes have been going great. These have been a real learning curve as far as time goes. More prep is better! Irene chose not to wear the gloves we provided 'cause she apparently always packs her condoms wherever she goes (guess you never know when you might need them)! I have added photos of Kathy and Diane with their finished projects - beautiful!!

Oh BTW - went and saw the "Hangover" last night finally. That was the FUNNIEST movie I have seen in years. All day I have been remembering lines and having a chuckle!

That's it for now,


Linda Cain said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD BAT!!!! From an older than dirt witch! (or whatever)Love the pictures. The glasses are a hoot! And you're a blonde now! WHOA! How could you possibly have more fun????

Best wishes and have a great year.

Your Friend in ART,

Linda Cain

Danielle said...

Anyone know where the lady got the frame for the Tim Holtz project??