Monday, April 29, 2013

More new stuff!

Hey Bloggerettes,

Just reporting in on this fine Monday morning.  The last few weeks have been hectic preparing for our "Imagine 2.0" event last weekend - which was fabulous by-the-way.  We also received 3 big orders.   Love, love all the new stuff. The pictures will tell the tale.

I hope to have the May class schedule on the website by tomorrow.  Don't miss out!  New classes available will be "FAMILY" wooden letters, "CREATE"  wooden letters, a jewelry class, something new from Lynn and we'll see what Susan comes up with to surprise you!

Lynn's Shabby Chic "Bootcamp" is a big hit.   We are taking sign-ups for the fall session of the "Shabby Chic 7" layout/album classes.  You do 1 layout a week for 20 weeks (Christmas hiatus) and then build the album to put your layouts in.  This past session we had an extra class to decorate your album covers - they turned out fabulous!

Susan has her "Mixed Media" class underway as well.  This type of creativeness is super hot in the industry right now.  There are so many new products available to work with.  Watch for the "Gelli Arts Printing Plate" to be arriving at the store.

Project Life monthly class is underway.  Quick and easy way to get it together.

Kid's Summer Camp  will be July 15-18.  This is the wooden letter camp.  The kids pick the letters that they want to do and you pay for each letter and a base fee for the camp.

"The Scrap Yard" will have a presence in Okotoks soon.  Stay tuned. 

I created a survey that I would invite you to take.  I want to know what type of off-site events you guys are looking for.  Please indulge me :)

Big Birthday Party

Imagine 2.0 schedule

 Susan teaching the Maggie Holmes album at "Imagine 2.0"

 Lynn teaching the Tim Holtz Configurations book

 Eye candy

 Wooden letters done in Teresa Collins paper (thanks Cheryl for sharing)

This looks tidy now but it didn't look like this at the end of the day at the event!!! 
 Love the Texture Treads!

NEW       Teresa Collins "He Said/She Said"

NEW     Teresa Collins "Memories"

NEW     Studio Calico wood veneers and mistable canvas - roller stamps YEAH!!!!

Project Life assortment of papers

Juicy new stuff

More good stuff

Stencil love!

Have a few of these Teresa Collins monthly kits available due to double shipping of the order.

Awww, how cute are these?

Now for some "Shout-outs".
  • Condolences to Kahli
  • triple congrats to Pat
  • congrats to Mitch and Tatiana 
  • you are amazing Mel
  • good luck Jackie - glad I'm not you
  • thanks Kael (swabber/maintenance guy)
  • thanks Lucie, Pat, Carol, Maria, Deb, Lynn, Susan
  • thanks Barry

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