Friday, September 14, 2012

September SALE

Hey Bloggerettes, Holy cow it's been awhile since I posted on the blog. It seems easier to go on Facebook and scribe a few words. I always feel that the blog has to be a longer post. Sometimes "Pinterest" takes up my free time - OOPS! Anyway, I am having a sale tomorrow (Saturday) - 25% off your product purchases. Need to make room for some new stuff. Shout out to Mel - hope all is well. Shout out to my Page-of-the-Month girls - "Random Act of Kindness" queens. "Shabby Chic" classes are rolling along great. We have quite a few new people signed up for this session. It's so nice to hear how excited they are after each layout. I had a call yesterday from one of the students and they were so excited aboutr doing the next layout. My iPhone app (Scrapbook Inc) is going to have a new look and feel. I am expanding the manufacturer base so you won't be limited to just Ranger/Holtz products. Stay tuned - the developer has a few more things to add in and then I'm back to serious data entry. I can check it's progress/sales whenever I want and I was so excited to see someone from Australia and someone from Germany bought it!!!! Don't forget about the "Bling It On Canada" with Teresa Collins big event in mid November. Teresa is now going to teach 3 classes instead of 2 - BONUS for attendees! Register on-line. ****The hotel rooms at the Hyatt will only be available until Oct 15 at the good rate - after that they go back up to regular price. Payment is due in full the first week of October.

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