Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Theme Tree of 2010

Hey Bloggerettes,

In My Humble Opinion Ramblings:

The theme of my Christmas tree this year was "May the bluebird of happiness fly up your nose". Note the peacocks, bluebirds, false nose and glasses, bi-planes, blue lights. There are so many blue lights that you almost have a seizure when you walk in the room and see the tree!

We had a full house for Christmas dinner - even a young woman from Costa Rica joined us. She is very brave - I, myself, would not go to a foreign country and sit down to a huge meal of unknown foods! What if they didn't have Heinz ketchup and the food wasn't white???????



lbier said...

Very "blue"tiful Lori!! Again you have outdone yourself!! How come the crop dates are nowhere to be found??? (or am I just missing it?)Just wondering?

Maureen said...

dazzling, amazing, blinding!

Maureen said...

I thought you would be donning one of your many tieras and making a New Years speach. Kind of like the Queen does every year. Where are you? I suppose you are goind to use your sickness as an excuse?