Monday, July 27, 2009

August stuff............

Hey Bloggerettes,

Here is an update on what we're planning for August at the store.

-2 classes (max 8 each) of Tim Holtz "Patchwork Pandemonium" 12x12 grungeboard patchwork technique class done on 2 consecutive Sundays towards the end of the month.

-Christmas Card frenzy (make at least 30 cards in one day - probably a Saturday)

-one Saturday Night Crop

-is anyone interested in doing a Disney word book???

-Basic Grey "All About Me" layout (already displayed in the store)

-Canvas of the Month (Robin's creation)

Also, the 5x7 pictures from the Retreat that Diana so generously offered to provide for all the participants are at the store - ready for pick-up. Just so you know, she had them downloaded, cropped, enhanced, printed, packaged and delivered to the store on Monday morning before I even got out of bed!!!! Who let morning people run the world???? A great big thanks to Diana for being so "on-the-ball". I just have to say one more thing about the sleeping thing - you don't age when you sleep, you rejuvenate. I think I'm just reaching puberty now!

Did I mention that we received the Star Wars Kits??? I know some people were asking about them.


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Starr Mercer said...

Star Wars kits, Lori, please tell me more. Can you send me a link or photo: