Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a brand new year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

The best part of not imbibing is feeling fine on New Year's Day. We refreshed ourselves with"The Champagne of Ginger Ales" last night. That was a FIRST for some of my family and friends.

We had an EVENT at the store on Tuesday. A young girl (20ish) picked up one of our open top organizer totes and filled it full of small, pricey product. She made a dash out the front door with it. Robin was at the front counter cashing out a customer and caught a tiny glimpse of a pink/brown tote going out the door. As if super-powers took over her body, she raced out the door after the girl and chased her down at lightning speed. She demanded the bag back. Her super-power stare made the girl hand over the bag. In the meantime, the flabbergasted customer at the front counter yelled out, "Lori, Robin is running outside - HELP". I met a frazzled Robin at he front door with the tote in hand. The day was saved!

Gregory (our Jamaican UPS driver) delivered 3 boxes yesterday. Inside was the entire line of Basic Grey's Bittersweet collection. I am very impressed that we have it already.



Lynn said...

Thanks Lori! WOW! Tuesday sounds like it got a bit exciting! Glad Robin was able to 'save' the day! Happy New Year to you all!


Laura said...

way to save the day!